Hui-ming li
Chairman's Speech

Twenty years easy spring and Autumn, in their prime; Twenty years of cultivation, fruitful; Twenty years of growth, casting quality; Twenty years to pay, rich industry prosperous country.

At the beginning of the bright thought, because of the dream and exploration. Twenty years ago, in hundred shiyan, we several vigorous young man together, the potential for the dream of dongfeng founded the shiyan Ming want to trade co., LTD., with full of passion to yunnan-guizhou plateau (yunnan), into the jiangnan water (jiangsu), the west of the taihang (shanxi), in-depth huacheng central (guangdong), In those hard days no flowers, no applause, we only in a foreign land comb in the footsteps of wind and rain, the mindset of a disadvantage is a blessing, for the dream of day and night to pay, just created at that time in the five provinces of nine cities and dongfeng commercial vehicle market share ranking the first legend, also created the Ming want to group based in 20 years and the development opportunity.

The road of entrepreneurship will never be a smooth road, adhere to the bright thought, because of faith and persistence. In the face of the international financial crisis caused by the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis, the Group has seized the economic development opportunity of stimulating domestic demand in adversity, adhered to the faith and pursuit of the goal with tenacity and perseverance, catered to the market and adjusted the business structure, and walked out of a new diversified development road. The group has invested in the urban natural gas supply and operation along the automobile corridor, and the new energy vehicle operation and maintenance center has been built. The international demonstration middle school funded by the Group has become a model of international education in Wuhan, and the real estate development projects that serve people's livelihood and improve quality life have made thousands of owners smile. "Yingche Jia Sui" Mingxiang Group also laid a solid foundation for the rapid development in the future.

General Secretary Xi also once said, "When it comes, it must be lost. Mingxiang Group has seized the historic opportunity and benefited from the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the strong driving force of The Chinese economy. In the new century and the present era, we need to keep learning, forge ahead, keep pace with The Times, grow bigger and stronger, and do our best to promote high-quality economic development. To follow the trend and achieve the dream is what we want to pursue.

The development of Mingxiang Group today comes from the thousands of opportunities given by The Times, from the care and support of party and government departments, from the trust of partners, from the help of dignitaries from all walks of life, from the solidarity of all employees and the understanding and dedication of their families.

Today, at the new starting point, mingxix people will still "never forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission" adhere to the enterprise spirit of "with the most sincere heart, do the best thing", focus on the development of EMPC assembly industry, education investment, new energy vehicle service and operation, create brilliant opportunities in this new era.

—————— Chairman of Hubei Mingxiang Group Co., LTD:


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