Hubei Mingxiang Group Co. LTD

20 years of accumulation, 20 years of forge ahead, 20 years of hard work and search, 20 years of innovation. Hubei Mingxiang Group should be born at the right time, and act with the trend, bearing the grand and powerful power of The Times, and taking the lead, waving the bold and heroic of the group. Let tomorrow become all good expectations; Let the ideal, become every mingxiang people's power; Let The Times, help Ming want to ride on the whip, forge ahead!

20 years of trials and hardships, thick and heavy color spectrum. Hubei Mingxiang Group Co., LTD., formerly known as Shiyan Mingxiang Trading Co., LTD., was founded in 2000. In the past 20 years, the group has taken the opportunity of diversified industrial development to form a diversified comprehensive private enterprise group with the new assembly building EMPC as the entity, urban natural gas investment and new energy vehicle operation, education industry investment as the core. Adhering to the "with the most sincere heart, to do the best" spirit of enterprise, revered "trusted by users and trusted by staff, trusted partner" business philosophy, to achieve the "mutual development with customers and cooperate with staff welfare, and create shareholder wealth, and society to create value" of the enterprise values, assemble the resources of the defects, the workers are willing to report, Help the group to achieve steady development of scale, express the brilliant chapter of "Mingxiang"!

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