• EMPC
    In response to the national demand for the strategic development of prefabricated building products, the group invested in the establishment of "ZhEN-Zhigong Construction Technology (Hubei) Co., LTD." in 2018. According to the requirements of "National prefabricated building Demonstration Industrial Park", we will build a science and technology industrial park integrating design, production, procurement and construction as one of the overall solutions of prefabricated building. Covering an area of nearly 300 mu, the annual output of assembled component products exceeds 120,000 cubic meters.
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  • Education
    Following the educational philosophy of "people-oriented, Ethical, innovative, fair, adaptable and open", the Group education Department invested 260 million YUAN in 2015 to build Wuhan Sanniu Sino-Us Middle School, which became the second international school approved to open classes in Wuhan after Maple Leaf International School.
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  • ECO
    The group has obtained the urban natural gas franchise rights of Laohekou City, Danjiangkou City and Wudang Mountain Special Zone successively, and realized pipeline gas supply in 2007, 2009 and 2011, with a total gas supply of nearly 800 million cubic meters and 4,745 days of safe operation.
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  • Industrial park
    After 18 years of development, the real estate Division of the Group has contributed a number of high-quality bright dream projects to the society in line with the service concept of assuming social responsibility and building high-quality projects. Now, the accumulated commercial and residential area of the group is about 800,000 square meters.
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  • Vehicle
    Based on Dongfeng, the group has become the strategic partner of Dongfeng. Its marketing network covers hubei, Yunnan, Guangdong and other provinces, with an annual sales of nearly 5,000 commercial vehicles and an income of nearly 1.5 billion yuan. In 2012, invested in Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Factory and successfully entered the physical manufacturing industry. In line with the national development strategy of new energy vehicles, in 2018, the Group invested in the construction of the first new energy vehicle service and experience center in the Three-ring Road, providing charging and maintenance services for 90,000 passenger vehicles and 96 million buses and buses every year.
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